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Financial Sessions

Design a tailored program to ease financial stress and equip your employees to plan for their future.

Financial Sessions are single subject sessions, created so that the scope of your financial wellness initiative can be as narrow or as broad as you would like.

Together, we will find and define the areas of greatest need across your workforce, to deliver an experience with the largest impact.

By offering a wide array of topics, we are able to deliver flexible financial programming to the benefit of all of your employees. 


The Building Blocks

Select from a range of financial modules that provide the flexibility to mix and match financial topics without reinventing the wheel.

Financial Personality

Uncover the natural behavior that impacts how one approaches financial decision-making. We review your Financial Behavior report, and our guide to Unlocking Financial Planning Performance.

Financial Gaps

A guided and unbiased exercise to review each individual’s overall financial situation and to help them identify areas in need of specific attention, such as debt management, insurance, legal or tax planning. 

Financial Goals

This interactive session focuses on helping participants prioritize the things that are most important to them, while setting out their next-steps towards achieving them.

Spending Guidelines

Some call it budgeting but we prefer spending guidelines. This interactive session will help your team dissect what’s coming and going, and set them up with guideposts to keep them on track.

Savings Strategies

Whether short-term or long-term, there are no shortage of things to save for.  We help your employees’ review their saving priorities, and arm them with behaviorally-informed saving strategies.

Debt Management

With personal borrowing at all-time highs, we’ll help your people take stock of where they stand and empower them with strategies to gain control of their debts, and live within their means.

Investment Education

The investment world is a complex place to navigate. We arm your people with the information they need to understand the investment solutions available to  them so that they can make informed decisions.   

Retirement Planning

A focus on mapping out required cash flow in retirement and creating a plan to get there. Participants walk away with answers to whether they are on track, and if not, what to do to get there.  

Retirement Transitions

Being ready for retirement is about more than knowing your nest egg can support your cash flow needs for the balance of your life.  We help prepare people to approach and navigate this major milestone.


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