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What is Finwello?

Finwello is a financial wellness benefit provided to employees by their employers. Finwello’s platform offers employees access to an app that helps you manage your personal finances, no matter where you bank.

How can Finwello help me manage my finances?

With Finwello you can:

  • Always know what you can safely spend.
  • Automatically save money for what matters most.
  • Stay on top of your finances with personalized insights that protect, inform and guide you.
  • Easily take action when your finances need attention by moving money between your existing accounts without leaving the app.
Who can use Finwello?

Finwello is available to those who are currently employed at a company that offers the app as a benefit.

How do I know if my employer offers Finwello as a benefit?
Not sure if your employer offers Finwello? Reach out to providing us with the name of your employer and we will let you know!


Is Finwello's system secure?

Yes. Finwello follows industry best practices for encryption and data protection, so you can manage your money with peace of mind.

Can my employer see my information on Finwello?

No. The financial information you share with Finwello (account balances, transactions, bills, expenses, etc.) is only used to help you manage your money. For more details, please review the privacy policy and terms for your employer provided in the Finwello app.

Will Finwello sell my information?

No. Finwello will never sell your information or data you provide. You can read more about this in Finwello’s privacy policy.

Why does Finwello ask for my email address?
Finwello uses your email address to create your account and keep it secure.
What if I change my email address?
Email indicating that you want to update the email address you use to login to the app. A member of the Finwello support team will help you update your account.