navigating the financial landscape is hard

Working families around the world face a variety of pain points when trying to improve their financial lives.

They are tasked with taking more control over their finances, and at a time when there is less room for error.

Add to this, the fact that most humans are hardwired from birth to make poor money decisions, and it’s no wonder people are financially stressed.

knowledge isn't Enough

When it comes to managing money, the old-school approach is to tell people what they should do and hope that it works.

It doesn’t.

Even when people know what to do, most still struggle with making the leap from knowing to doing.

closing the say-do Gap

Getting people to act on their intentions is an age-old problem. Solving it starts by understanding how people work.

Finwello uses principals of decision science to help close the intention-action gap and drive a positive shift in the financial well-being of your employees.

no two paths are the same

People are complex.

How each person approaches their personal finances is driven by their unique experiences, needs, communication preferences and decision-styles.

That’s why Finwello adapts to each person, no matter where they are in their financial lives.

harnessing powerful insights

As people interact with Finwello they provide valuable “breadcrumbs” that are used to learn and optimize for their unique needs.

These signals come from measuring financial health, uncovering how each person approaches financial decision-making, and understanding their current financial picture and priorities. 

Harnessing these powerful insights results in an unmatched level of personalization – allowing Finwello to deliver curated communication and guidance no matter where someone is in their financial journey.


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