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FinHealth Friday

– 003 –

November 22, 2019


Welcome to FinHealth Fridays! 

Every Friday, we share a carefully curated collection of what we’re reading (and watching) as we head into the weekend.

This week’s Financial Literacy Month theme has been “Be a Smart Financial Consumer”.  The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada offers up a website with a number of links covering topics on your financial rights and responsibilities. 

But what does the field of behavioral science have to share on this topic? We suggest the following recommended reading:

Prefer watching?  We really enjoyed this Ted Talk by Dan Ariely on How To Change Your Behavior For The Better.

As Week 3 of Financial Literacy Month is coming to a close, it’s important to remember that becoming a more informed financial consumer isn’t just about knowledge – yes, financial literacy is important but it is but one piece of the overall puzzle.