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A Collection of Thoughts and Tips to Fuel Financial Wellness

Hit the Refresh Button

A guide to using behavioral scienct to help hit reset on your New Year’s resolutions.


Spending & Borrowing

It’s #FinHealth Friday and we are sharing resources and insights geared towards the behavioral science of spending and borrowing.


The Finwello Guide to Black Friday

Learn what to keep an eye out for and how to keep behavioral science on your side as you head out in pursuit of Black Friday deals!


Knowing & Doing

In this week’s #FinHealth Friday we offer up a selection of readings that explore the gap between knowing and doing.


Get Smart About Your Finances

In a world overflowing with information, how do you overcome the natural mental shortcuts that stop you from becoming a more informed financial consumer?


Actions and Ambitions

Welcome back to FinHealth Friday!

This week we offer up a selection of readings that explore how our natural behaviors impact our approach to financial goal-setting.


Why Goals are Not for Everyone

The world of finance has been pushing goals-based financial planning but not everyone approaches goals the same way.

Learn why…


Behavior & Budgeting

Every Friday, we share a carefully curated collection of what we’re reading as we head into the weekend.

This week we offer up a selection to challenge your thinking around the interplay between behaviors and budgeting.

Why is Budget a Bad Word?

Does the word budget make you squirm? If it does, you’re not alone. If it doesn’t, that’s perfectly normal too. You see, we all have our own unique natural preferences.