Work more closely, even from afar.

Work more closely, even from afar.

The 3 Sessions:

Communication Drives Relationships

Uncover how the unique communication preferences of your team can be used to promote better collaboration while working remotely.

Leverage Personal Work Talents

Empower team members to individually understand their natural talents and to adapt the virtual work experience to suit their distinct needs.

Navigate the Virtual Work Experience

Learn to navigate the human differences of your team and get equipped to manage individual differences for greater productivity and performance.

Join in 4 easy steps:

Register Yourself

Registration is required by all team members who wish to participate in the workshop.

Receive a Custom Invite

You will receive an email with an invitation to complete the Business DNA insights assessment.

Complete BusinessDNA

Complete the 10-minute Business DNA assessment and get a copy of your unique work talents report.

Attend the Workshops

Tune in to the workshops to harness your insights to strengthen how you work with your team.