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Why Budget is a Bad Word

(or can be for some)


November 06, 2019


Budget. Budgeting. $%&!ing!

Does the word make you squirm?

If it does, you’re not alone. If it doesn’t, that’s perfectly normal too.

You see, we all have our own unique natural preferences. Some of people are more information driven. To them, budget = you’re talking my language. Diving into the numbers is the norm.


So what is a budget?

Generally, a budget is a system that helps keep track of what’s coming in (income) and what’s going out (spending). It can help us designate some portion of our income as relevant or applicable to some type of expense, like how much we are spending on groceries versus dining out.

 If you are naturally lifestyle driven there is a high likelihood that you’d prefer to call this system a spending plan. It’s a subtle change in language but an important one.


Because to you budget = run for the nearest exit!

Can you remember a recent conversation about finances where the other person (a spouse, or financial professional, or business partner) seemed to be on a completely different page?

Did that communication breakdown lead to shutdown over important money matters?

If you’ve long struggled with creating and sticking with a budget, it may just be your naturally wired to view the world in a way that is less about the bottom line and more about the important things in life.

If that’s the case, consider changing the way you frame your incoming/outgoing money system – consider building a spending plan.

And, if you just so happen to love budgets but run into a wall when talking to others about your love for them, take a step back and adjust your approach as you may just find that a slight change in your language will close the gap.